Aries connects world

A game-changing
effect has been seen
on hotel performance.

  • 600%

    Increase in Guest

  • 35%

    Increase in Net
    Promoter Score

  • 27%

    Decrease in Front
    Desk Calls

  • 56%

    Savings on Brand
    Quality Audits

Why Aries

  • In-Stay

    Increased productivity
    and savings in-house

    We will achieve a 25% reduction in front desk requests, a 56% savings on brand quality audits, as well as reduced wait times and long lines.

  • Increase-Revenue

    Raising revenue and
    improving net promoter
    score (NPS)

    The front desk request volume decreased by over 25%, brand quality audits were reduced by 56%, and long lines and wait times were reduced.

  • Inc

    Engage your guests
    more effectively

    Over-engage your in-stay guests by over 60% instead of the traditional 10%.

  • Real time

    An in-house guest survey
    that is relevant in
    real-time & Response

    Knowing guests' concerns immediately and being able to respond within minutes instead of days is key.

  • Ancillary

    In-Stay Transactions &
    Ancillary Revenues

    By upselling, referring to nearby activities, promoting partner businesses, and generating in-stay transactions, you can generate revenue from within.

  • Hospitality


  • Travel


  • Government


As a comprehensive AI guest engagement and data analytics platform, Aries connects world dramatically increases customer engagement and profits.


Respond to reviews both in-room and online in a timely manner. By implementing the above solution, hoteliers can respond to online reviews on over 100 OTAs, while encouraging guests to share positive online reviews.


24-hour concierge service
with artificial intelligence.

Become a 24-hour concierge during check-in and check-out. Immediately answer your most frequently asked questions to reduce calls by over 25%. Take care of your guests' needs, such as nearby attractions recommendations, room service, or additional services.

Contactless check-in
and 2-way messaging

Provide your guests with guest services, information about your hotel, contactless check-in, etc. via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.


Income from
ancillary services

Make your business more profitable by upgrading, providing amenities, getting referrals from nearby venues, and partnering.

All in one place.
A single provider.
Flexible scalability.

How it works:

  • Organize


    A micro-segmentation strategy that optimizes your guests' data

  • Attention


    Identify your most urgent customer experience requirements by implementing one or two product modules

  • Achieve


    unmatched ROI by delighting customers and supporting employees

  • Succeed


    Easily add AI, semantic, and prescriptive analytics product modules, at your own pace.