Three reasons why Instagram advertising is effective!

Instagram celebrated its 10-year anniversary at the end of 2020, marking its first double digits. Although it has been around for some time now, the visually stimulating and engaging platform is still far from mature, as it continues to develop in new ways for businesses to turn their organic efforts into paid advertising opportunities. Instagram is the second-most popular social networking site when it comes to active users after Facebook. 

In light of the growing number of users who join the platform and spend more time interacting with their Feed, Stories, explore tabs, and IGTV, and the frequent introduction of new features, there is an opportunity for brands of all varieties to capitalize on this opportunity. With so many users on the platform, you are sure to find your target audience. In case the usage statistics are not convincing enough, and you still wonder if Instagram ads can be effective, read on to discover five compelling reasons to advertise on Instagram.

Advertising on Instagram has several advantages


People spend most of their time on Instagram, which is a social media platform that is primarily visual. Using Instagram advertising can greatly increase the reach of your photo and video content if you are producing such content. 

Instagram content is primarily recorded and shot on mobile devices, meaning brands do not need to spend large sums of money on creative content or use sophisticated technology to reach consumers.

A detailed targeting strategy

With paid advertising on Instagram, you have the ability to target your audience just as you can on Facebook. Instagram advertising provides a variety of targeting options such as interests, locations, behaviours, demographics, or even matching a current customer list so that your message is delivered to the right person. As well as a detailed targeting strategy, Instagram offers 11 campaign goals to help you meet your business objectives.

Your brand will gain a following if you do this 

The majority of people on social media use the platforms to connect with their family, friends, and to learn more about their favorite celebrities, but millions also check out what brands are posting. Not all platforms feature users actively doing this. Approximately 200 million Instagram users visit a business profile every day. Eighty-one percent of Instagram users investigate products and services through the platform. 

Additionally, following the recent addition of shopping posts to Instagram, 130 million users have tapped on the platform each month. Here is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have to offer in a captivating and visually compelling manner. You should not hold back on taking advantage of the platform in order to build a significant following and drive revenue. Consider not only how the platform will fit into your comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy, but how it will complement it. Develop and use visual content that is engaging and educational, and observe how Instagram performs for your brand and the products or services you offer.


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