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An industrious hotelier and insightful businessman, Arvind (Alex) Patel is the beacon holder to ACW Circle’s pinnacle of success. Over three decades of experience in the hospitality and IT industry has made him a leading name in the digital marketing industry

Devesh is the man behind redefining the business boundaries, incorporating innovative products and services, and taking ACW Circle to exemplary heights. The company thrives under his dynamic and visionary leadership as the CEO as he strives to do the best for the company

Aravind is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of proficiency in cultivating and expanding business horizons within the United States and Indian markets. His proven track record leads him to offer invaluable insights to drive the firm’s growth and success

Suresh, with over two decades of expertise in IT product architecture, development, and delivery management, is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in every project he undertakes. His passion for technology and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensure the delivery of cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations

Venkatesan has decades of experience in IT product architecture, development, and delivery management. He has an outstanding track of successful project execution and strategic leadership to drive innovation and excellence in the tech industry

A seasoned HR professional, Ravindharan holds the necessary qualifications and 12+ years of experience in all HRM functions. He accelerates business growth with effective talent management. Fostering strong connections within the organization is his forte

Loganathan holds extensive experience and proficiency as a digital marketing lead. He continues to generate higher leads and demonstrates impactful contributions. He’s responsible for overseeing strategic campaigns and driving growth initiatives

A creative leader with over 20 years of expertise in designing cutting-edge software and websites, Vinoth spearheads innovative projects and ensures our services remain at the forefront of technology and design trends

Ashokkumar is an analytically skilled business analyst with 15+ years of experience and strategic expertise in product development. He plays a pivotal role in translating data insights into actionable strategies, driving business growth and efficiency

An accomplished systems administrator, Subash holds 13+ years of experience managing server infrastructures and data center operations across multiple platforms. He focuses on optimizing the cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless digital operations

As an accomplished specialist in the field of accounts and Indian taxation, Manoj brings extensive knowledge and expertise to our financial operations. With a focus on compliance and efficiency, he leads the accounting team effectively

With proficiency in digital marketing analysis and a proven record of lead generation, Subha has a keen understanding of digital marketing metrics and analytics tools. Her insights drive data-driven decision-making and ensure the overall success of initiatives

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Sakshi helps us orchestrate compelling content strategies that captivate audiences and drive engagement. With years of experience, she empowers the content team to deliver exceptional results and elevate brand presence